Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Little Artist

We are so proud! Yet again our little Brenna has favored us with another masterpiece! Wait! Did I mention that it was ON THE WALL! No matter how many times we have explained to her that coloring on walls, couches, tables and floors is not acceptable, it just doesn't sink into her cute little her head. Apparently today, while Mike was watching her, she colored on the wall. He quickly cleaned it up and I had no idea it had ever been there. Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser!!! Later he sent me an email with a this picture! Oh how I would have been angry if I was the one to have found it-as tightly wound as I am! But seeing it after the fact makes me realize just how funny it is and cute too!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Keeps Slipping Away!

Forever since my last post….

My birthday is tomorrow. My friends took me to lunch today. It was very fun. Mike is planning to take me to dinner tomorrow night. I should be nice.

We are all getting over being sick. We aren’t sure what we had, but it was miserable. I sent Colton back to school today. I guess the winter weather has brought on the colds.

We had a nice Halloween. Brenna was a Princess and Colton was Darth Vader. They had a great time. We let them eat a bunch of candy and then they donated it to the Sugar Plum Fairy, who comes and takes their candy back to her kingdom, to help build the homes(out of candy). They were so excited for her to come and take it. They haven’t missed it at all. Mike and I debated on telling them one more story that isn’t true, but since they still believe in Santa we figured it would be fun.

Colton(7) is taking piano lessons from my neighbor. He is doing really well. I babysit her daughter 1 day a week In return, She teaches Colton for free. Brenna is in a little dance class. She loves it. Brenna just turned 3 on October 25. She is a very girly girl. She loves dolls and pink. She is excited to be able to be in Sunbeams soon.

We are sticking around here for Thanksgiving. We visited Mike’s parents in Idaho last month. We are looking forward to the holidays. They are my favorite time of year. I really am grateful for all that we have. We are so blessed!

Mike is still working for PMI and seems to enjoy it. We own a website that we sell Fairy and Princess dress ups from. I pack and ship them. Halloween was pretty busy. We are still trying to figure out our finances and catch up, but for now we are still in our home.

I was the Primary Secretary for our ward. Several months ago, they released me and called me to the Stake Primary Secretary. It is a different calling, I miss being in Primary on the ward level. I do a lot of note taking and secretarial reporting and such. I do get to visit other wards, which is fun.

Haley and Derek bought a very small condo and spent the summer putting in new tile and paining. It looks very nice. They seem very happy. I don’t get to see them very often. They are both working full time and we are just “too far away”. There is a new highway that was just built that makes the drive so much nicer. It is called Pioneer Crossing. We can take Redwood Road to the American Fork Main street exit, bypassing Lehi entirely. It sure has changed things. Haley and Derek haven’t driven it yet…..

Melinda is hopefully bringing Lucas home from the hospital just after Thanksgiving. I know she is very stressed about him coming home. Has she sent you any pictures of him recently? He is getting so big. We know we really won’t be able to visit him once he gets home. We have to stay away for now. He will have full time nurses at their home for several weeks at first. His little lungs are so sick. Is a miracle he has done as well as he is. This is a rough time of year for him with all the sickness going around.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Colton and Mike build a Robot!

Colton is really into taking things apart. He will bring me a TV remote control or an old satellite radio and beg me to take them apart. I have to be really careful about what I leave around. Mike gave him a bunch of old electronics last year and he spent hours taking them apart and using a glue gun to build new inventions. He asks me all the time if he can build an engine (not a motor, but an engine with gasoline.)
It just amazes me to see the stuff he can think up.
Today Mike and Colton stayed in the basement and put a little robot together. I really don't know how they did it. For the head they used an American Idol annoying toy from McDonalds(I thought I had thrown all those away). They used foam core to make the body and some simple motors and wires connected to batteries inside attached to wood sticks to make the arms. Colton was thrilled. When they turned it on it actually moved around! How Fun!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Kids, Sore Backs and Snowing Outside

More Pictures.....

Brenna loves her dance clothes!

What can I say? It's Colton.

Mike painted Brenna's toes again. She did not like the tissue between her toes.
But she shows everyone she can and says, "Dad paint my toes!"

Here's a great week for you. Brenna and Colton are sick. Brenna is hanging on to a yucky cold. I just got over a sore throat that lasted a month. I thought Colton was lucky until 2 days ago. Now he has croup. His coughing is so bad. Its the dry kind and we are constantly trying new remedies.
It is looking like it will be a whole week of missed school. Colton may be miserable, but he is loving being at home.
Mike has a bad back. It comes and goes, but lately has been really bad. Yesterday he was holding Brenna and reaching for a tutu, to help me pack an order for our LittleFairyWings.com site. He had a horrible spasm or something and that was that. He was relegated to the floor. I think my back is sore now, just out of frustration(and sympathy and maybe the weather). Not fun.
And its snowing again. The forecast calls for more this weekend. I went to Walmart today and they have all the summer splash toys and warm weather stuff out already. I just had to laugh.

Life is so busy for us. I barely find the time to write this. Colton lost his 3rd tooth on Saturday. So we reread my blog post from 1 year ago this week, (when Colton lost his 1st tooth).
The tooth fairy forgot to come-oops. On Sunday morning Colton said, "Mom, does the Tooth Fairy not come on Sundays?" It was a perfect excuse for why she didn't come.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where does the time go?

Ok, so Christmas and New Years came and went. We had a great holiday. Obviously my life is crazy and I had not time to update the blog since November. Very sad.
I was called as the Primary secretary the week before Christmas! Being busy with this calling is all I've done for about the last month now. It hasn't slowed down yet, maybe it never will?
It is good though, because, January is a tough month for me. I do not like it. So being busy is a big blessing.
Here are some updated photos of the kids.

Brenna in her Pigtails.



Always together. Thank goodness for that!

Brenna loves her dance class!
She is so excited for it each week and cries when it is time to go home!