Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sick Kids, Sore Backs and Snowing Outside

More Pictures.....

Brenna loves her dance clothes!

What can I say? It's Colton.

Mike painted Brenna's toes again. She did not like the tissue between her toes.
But she shows everyone she can and says, "Dad paint my toes!"

Here's a great week for you. Brenna and Colton are sick. Brenna is hanging on to a yucky cold. I just got over a sore throat that lasted a month. I thought Colton was lucky until 2 days ago. Now he has croup. His coughing is so bad. Its the dry kind and we are constantly trying new remedies.
It is looking like it will be a whole week of missed school. Colton may be miserable, but he is loving being at home.
Mike has a bad back. It comes and goes, but lately has been really bad. Yesterday he was holding Brenna and reaching for a tutu, to help me pack an order for our site. He had a horrible spasm or something and that was that. He was relegated to the floor. I think my back is sore now, just out of frustration(and sympathy and maybe the weather). Not fun.
And its snowing again. The forecast calls for more this weekend. I went to Walmart today and they have all the summer splash toys and warm weather stuff out already. I just had to laugh.

Life is so busy for us. I barely find the time to write this. Colton lost his 3rd tooth on Saturday. So we reread my blog post from 1 year ago this week, (when Colton lost his 1st tooth).
The tooth fairy forgot to come-oops. On Sunday morning Colton said, "Mom, does the Tooth Fairy not come on Sundays?" It was a perfect excuse for why she didn't come.