Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Trick or Treat!"

This was a great day for trick or treating! The weather was awesome! I don't remember having a warmer Halloween. We only needed jackets! Brenna was overwhelmed. I know she didn't have a clue what was happening. Of course, she does love candy, so she followed Colton to all the houses. Poor thing, she has had croup. She is wheezing and coughing. The cold air is good for her so out she went.
Yesterday for Mikes work Halloween party he dressed up as "Backwards Guy". I'm not sure where he comes up with his ideas, but he won 2nd place in his office party. He has been growing what hair he has out for a couple of months. He had me shave the back of his head to look like a beard and a goatee. I then painted a face on the back of his head. He wore his clothes backwards. He looked hilarious!(as you can see).
I can't believe Halloween is over. Now onto the big holidays! I can't wait.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Catching Up! Its Fall!

Yes, it seems that we only post every couple of months, but when we do, we have a lot to say and show!
Several weeks ago, we went up American Fork Canyon to see that last of the fall colors. They were beautiful! It was Monday and it seems that everyone, I mean everyone else in all of North Utah County decided to do the same thing. The canyon was packed and there was actually a line of cars just to get in past the little Ranger station. The trails and parking lots were full! People were taking pictures everywhere. And everywhere we looked it was just amazing. The leaves seemed so colorful. We hit it just right. Unfortunately our children don't like to smile or pose for pictures. And Mike and I let Colton take our picture. So not one of them turned out very good. At least the backgrounds look great!

Kennekuk Ward Chili Cook Off and Halloween Party.

Mike and I are part of our wards Activities committee. Last Friday our ward had the annual Halloween/Fall social. There was Trunk or Treating(even though it was a week before Halloween and we have a great neighborhood for Trick or Treating) a costume parade and lots of Chili. I guess I am a humbug about Trunk or Treating. I like to take the kids through the streets and knock on doors. Even if it is cold. I like answering the door and giving out candy. A lot of my neighbors prefer to just do the parking lot thing. I think if our ward was all spread out it would be a fun activity, but, come on, we live in the Ranches in Eagle Mountain UT. Great neighborhoods, homes close together, and we know all of our neighbors for blocks! Now Colton and Brenna have full buckets of candy and Halloween isn't until Saturday. They did have fun though!!!
Colton was a Cowboy! Brenna was a Rainbow Fairy!

We have to say that we are proud of the Cowboy cosume. To save money, I sewed the vest from some old fabric we had. Mike(creative genius as he is known) made the chaps from an old suitcase with buckles that I have wanted to throw away for years! "We might use this someday" he always says about everything we argue over keeping! He sewed a gun holster and even little pockets for bullets in the belt. Of course I will not allow real bullets! I told them. Boots were borrowed from Aunt Melinda, and Colton's head is just about too big for Mike's famous fishing cowboy hat.
Brenna's costume is a conglomeration of some of our fairy wings, tutus and halos that we sell on our website.
She picked her favorite color for the wings -lately it has been yellow.

Our Baby is 2! Brenna's Party.

Well, she really isn't a baby anymore! Its hard to believe that Brenna turned two yesterday. October 25. She has been such a wonderful spirit to have in our home. She has definitely brighten our stressful days and made us smile when we just didn't think it was possible! (I guess I made it sound like we are always sad and stressed-no, not always-but she makes us happy when we are).

Since Brenna really had no idea what we were celebrating, we had her party on Saturday at Grandma Boices house. I talked about it for several days. Brenna helped my pick out her toys and stuff the pinata with candy. On Saturday, we had lots of pizza and cake! All the little grandkids opened her presents for her, as she just kind of looked on. She keeps saying about her new Bristle Block set, "this is Brenna's, not Coltons." I have to agree with her, or she will say it over and over. She is used to just playing with Colton's old toys and he lets her know that they are "HIS".
Everyone took a turn trying to break her ballet slipper pinata. It took for ever and finally Mike took out his pocket knife and sliced it so it would spill the candy at the next whack! Brenna hit it with an upside down bat and seemed to think it was funny...Until it broke. As the kids were diving for the candy, Brenna was crying saying "my shoe broke, my shoe broke". It was so sad. We gave her a bunch of candy and tried to console her. She just didn't get it. So now Daddy is fixing the pinata so it can be in her room. -We did the whole pinata thing so the bigger kids would have fun a 2 year olds party.

What a Fun Day!