Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Baby is 2! Brenna's Party.

Well, she really isn't a baby anymore! Its hard to believe that Brenna turned two yesterday. October 25. She has been such a wonderful spirit to have in our home. She has definitely brighten our stressful days and made us smile when we just didn't think it was possible! (I guess I made it sound like we are always sad and stressed-no, not always-but she makes us happy when we are).

Since Brenna really had no idea what we were celebrating, we had her party on Saturday at Grandma Boices house. I talked about it for several days. Brenna helped my pick out her toys and stuff the pinata with candy. On Saturday, we had lots of pizza and cake! All the little grandkids opened her presents for her, as she just kind of looked on. She keeps saying about her new Bristle Block set, "this is Brenna's, not Coltons." I have to agree with her, or she will say it over and over. She is used to just playing with Colton's old toys and he lets her know that they are "HIS".
Everyone took a turn trying to break her ballet slipper pinata. It took for ever and finally Mike took out his pocket knife and sliced it so it would spill the candy at the next whack! Brenna hit it with an upside down bat and seemed to think it was funny...Until it broke. As the kids were diving for the candy, Brenna was crying saying "my shoe broke, my shoe broke". It was so sad. We gave her a bunch of candy and tried to console her. She just didn't get it. So now Daddy is fixing the pinata so it can be in her room. -We did the whole pinata thing so the bigger kids would have fun a 2 year olds party.

What a Fun Day!


Julie Garrett said...

What beautiful kids you have. I can't believe that Brenna is 2. Life just goes by too fast. The Fall pictures were beautiful. Don't you just love this time of year? Aunt Julie

Julia said...

Thanks, Fall is my favorite too!