Monday, January 26, 2009

Mike Finally Has a Car!

Wow! I am speechless. Many know of our financial woes this past year.... And when the car Mike was driving last fall broke down over and over again and was not worth being fixed, we were very discouraged. We are so grateful to the many people, friends, neighbors and relatives that gave Mike rides to and from work. Last Week, my brother in law Forrest of told us that he had a car for us! NO STRINGS ATTACHED! For now. Wow! So now Mike can get to work!!!! What do you say to someone who has just solved such a huge stress in your life! THANK YOU! Words just cannot do it. We have never been so greatly blessed. I cannot deny our prayers were heard and answered.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Family Pictures

Family Pictures! We finally got the whole family together for pictures. About once every 2 years we try to get the whole Boice clan-(my side) grandkids and all to pose for photos. Grandma Boice always needs to have updated pictures on her shelf. It shouldn't be that hard, but it is. We had our Wood pictures taken too. I just wish I would have had the sense to have Haley, Colton and Brenna in a pose separately. Now that Haley is "never here" It is impossible to get any pictures of her. I think the pictures turned out pretty good. Brenna has her scowling glare that she gives to strangers and sometimes to family.....

So Where Have I Been?

Haley and Derek
Colton and Brenna

Brenna's first sled ride! Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas Brenna

Silly Brenna!

It is sad to say the the whole Holiday season just passed me by as far as blogging goes.... Thanksgiving came, then the day after and my website exploded and I had a more than full time job processing orders and answering phone calls from Moms and Grandmas that wanted Dress UP stuff! If you call my phone you have no doubt heard my wonderful voicemail. We will be needing a separate phone for the business soon.
Things have died down for now. Our website actually tanked on December 25. The server went down that hosts our site... Ouch! So we scrambled to change the site over to a different host. We basically had to rebuild a completely new site! Oh craziness! So our new site is up, but with lots of bugs.
My Christmas decorations are still up. That is the part I hate-taking it all down- I guess I will do a little at a time.
Christmas was wonderful. We did have a great celebration. Mom and Uncle Mike spent the day with us. We had a fancy Christmas Eve dinner at my sister Melinda's with the whole extended family. We hosted New Years Day dinner and had a full house. It was so nice. I had strep throat for the whole week prior to Christmas. I was in bed, but it finally gave me time to slow down. I read a great book! Gentlemen & Players.
Now, unfortunately, Mike is just getting over strep. I do not recommend it to anyone.