Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Colton's Sorry Letter

My little Colton who is now 6 has recently learned how to type on the computer. He enjoys playing games and looking at websites like Today he came home from school while I was trying to take a short nap. I said hello and told him I would be resting a few more minutes. Not long after that he started yelling for me. I answered, but since Brenna was sleeping I didn't yell back and he kept yelling for me. I have always told him, "If I don't answer or you can't hear me, don't keep yelling come and talk to me." So I was a little frustrated when Brenna woke up and Colton was now screaming. Well, I lost it and sent him to his room and scolded him.
Not long after I heard him leave his room and go downstairs. After a few more moments I heard something printing. Colton came back up and handed me a folded piece of paper with the following message;

Translation: "I am sorry that I threw a fit. Mom I promise that I will never do it again."

He is currently learning how to read and write. I just thought it was so cute to see his little effort to type me an apology. I have only shown him 1 time how to print something and he remembered it! I just had to scan it and blog it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

All we want for Christmas is a Box!

Peek a boo!

Come into the house.

This is the most awesome toy I have!

Our performance at the box house.
Brenna says, "Dad, can we have a real car?"

Look at Me!

"Now this is a car!"

Just give the kids a Box! They don't need anything else this Christmas!
Mike and bought a freezer for extra food storage a couple of months ago. We saved the large box because we thought it would be fun for the kids to play with. The box was relegated to the basement (or dungeon as I call it) where it has been a huge hit with Colton, Brenna and Colton's friends. Just this week Colton and Mike used other boxes and made a car, a chimney for the house, a pantry and and other things. Each day the kids just want to play downstairs with the boxes. Nevermind that its cold, unfinished with no carpet and dirty. (now I am forcing Mike to straighten it up a bit down there with all the kids playing)
I have been rushing to get Christmas shopping done, but why should I? They have everthing they want in a bunch of boxes!

The weather is cold so I feel crafty!

When the Weather turns miserably cold, and the holidays are here, I get the craft bug! I love to finish old projects and make little gifts for family and friends. I just wish I would have started months ago because I can assure you I will not finish all of my projects before Christmas! Here are a few that I did this past week....

Scarecrow Pillow- a pattern that I got from Aunt Julie years ago and finally finished!

Brenna's name banner- Ever since I saw it in a magazine, I've wanted to do this for a long time.

Apron for Brenna- made from leftover scraps of fabric from the name banner.

Give thanks door hanger pillow- My friend had a birthday this week so instead of spending money, I made something from all the patterns and fabric I have around my house.
Needless to say, not much else got done around my house this week.