Friday, July 17, 2009

Kids Keep Us Smiling!

Colton likes to play with his friend Ayden. They like to do all the typical boy stuff. They are obsessed with Legos, and Lego Xbox. They have recently become addicted to Bakugans and building rolling courses for them with paper towel and toilet paper tubes.

Yesterday, after folding laundry I came upon them playing intently with Haley's old Barbie airplane. I have been meaning to sell it on eBay so it was sitting in my living room. They were really into it. All the parts of the plane had just been thrown in it and stored. They assembled everything and painstakingly set up food trays and cups and put the earphones into the seats. They put the luggage in the overhead compartments. I just started laughing to myself. I quickly snapped a shot of them. Puzzled, they both looked at me and asked why I took a picture. I told them that they were playing with a "Girl" toy. A Barbie doll airplane. Colton's face lit up and he said, "Oh, do we have the dolls. Go and get them!"
Luckily Ayden wasn't quite as excited and they decided to go play upstairs in the tent they had built earlier. I have put the airplane away for now.

Brenna surprised us today when she said, "What the heck is this?" She was looking at Colton's
green truck he left on the stairs. Mike and I just cracked up. Obviously, I have said this phrase before. I don't remember when. She is such a sponge at this time. It was just too cute to hear our 21 month old saying something like that. She has been repeating just about everything we say theses days. She is also just so polite. She says, "Bless you, Daddy." every time he sneezes. She also says,"thank you, mommy!" whenever I hand her anything. She will also yell, "Colton, come here!" It is so funny. I just love my kids!