Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time to be Thankful...Always

Thanksgiving is almost here! I love this time of year. Life has been crazy the last couple of weeks with preparing for our boutique. It was a lot of fun and work. Yesterday was the big day and now I can relax...for a day maybe. I have to constantly be busy otherwise I think I will go crazy. Each day Mike and I are thinking of new ways to market our website and products. So much fun!
This week I am looking forward to relaxing with my family being thankful. I am so thankful for my family, home, friends and even our trials....We are going to spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt Julie and Uncle Marshall in Logan, UT. We love visiting them and don't get to do it often enough. Thanksgiving is obviously about being thankful and we remind ourselves each year by celebrating and eating. What Mike has always reminded me throughout the years is that we need to treat everyday as Thanksgiving and BE THANKFUL for eveything all the time. For me it is easier said than done. But I do try....
I am going to start tearing down the fall decorations tomorrow and up will go Christmas. Did I say I love this time of year?

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