Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh! I Feel Bad!

That is how I feel NOW because that is what Mike kept telling me last night, and I just told him to deal with it. Little did I know that I would be spending the entire night at the ER with him and eating my words. He had to have his appendix out! For several hours he suffered awake downstairs as I slept peacefully. At 1:30 AM he finally crawled on the floor into our room and said he had intense stomach pain. I said "You probably have gas or food poisoning from the RAW- still mooing- steak that you ate earlier." Many know that I hate rare and he loves it. Mine has to be black and his has to be bloody! ICH! So I am always thinking that it will catch up with him. And that is what I thought. He writhed in agony and I am thinking that now he can finally learn to sympathize with my cramps.
So after a few more minutes I thought I would google"food poisoning" to see what I could do to ease his pain. Nothing much, just ride it out- I kept thinking. I did read that if you have intense stomach pain for more that 15 minutes you should seek medical attention. But I was sure that he was just being overly dramatic.
So, Mike started calling our Home Teacher to come and sit here with the kids, so I could take him to the ER. He couldn't get an answer. I thought he was crazy. I decided "OK" If you really need to go and blow a $75 on a copay I will take you as long as I get a big cup of ice.
We ended up calling our Bishop(who happens to live across the the street) and he actually answered his phone. I called my mom who lives in Orem now to come spend the night. So Bishop Jensen and his cute little wife in her pink nightie came over until my mom could get here.
Well, I am embarrassed to say that I almost talked him out of going into the ER once we got down to AF. I made him stop at Walmart and drink Pepto and then wait about a 1/2 hour in the car. I was just so sure we would be waisting our time in the uncomfortable hospital when I needed to be home sleeping.
Finally he said he was going in. OK, here we go. They were quick to start the tests and I got my ice. So about 4 AM the Dr enters and says it is appendicitis!!!
OH BOY. I FEEL SO BAD! I had been so selfish and not very sympathetic. I sure hope Mike can forgive me. I apologized so profusely. I just have to say that if your husband complains of stomach pains its better to get it checked, for had we waited as I was trying to do, he would have had a burst appendix and it would have been SO MUCH WORSE!
I am definitely never going to try to diagnose someone elses illness again.
Everything went smoothly and we came home today about 5 PM. He is sore and cannot lift Brenna for 3 weeks. This has already upset her....
I just have to say that we are truly blessed to have great neighbors and live in a great Ward. We received 2 complete dinners, a cake, a plate of cupcakes and a bag with goodies within 2 hours of getting home. I can rest up and not worry about cooking for a couple of days and serve my dear husband who really deserves it for putting up with me!

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Angie said...

Not fun! I had my appendix out when I was on vacation...Brooklyn was 8 months old, and there was no way I couldn't pick her up! It was way hard...Worse than giving birth! lol...Hope he recovers okay. SO glad you have such great neighbors. The Jensen's are SO awesome! Don't feel too bad...I would have probably done the same thing...