Thursday, October 9, 2008

Coltons Decorating for Halloween!

When Colton helps me decorate for a holiday he really gets into it. Everyday he asks me, "Mom, are you sure these are all our decorations? Don't we have more? Can't we have more. " Now if you've been to our home you know that we have quite alot of fall decor inside. I love Fall and Thanksgiving, but, I am not a fan of the gross, scary, spooky, dead stuff. I like "cute". So I have no desire to expand our Halloween collection. Colton saw a black pumpkin as we were in Walmart today. In order to avoid the hysterics I consented to buy it if he pays me back with his golf ball money. Oh how happy he is. He immediately plugged it in at home to test it and when Brenna threw it like a ball, Colton panicked! Sorry Colton, but the light bulb is already out and I don't know how to break it to you....

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