Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Big Pumpkin!!!!

Mike loves to garden. Even though our yard is small he finds places here and there to plant herbs and vegetables. He even dries a lot of his own seeds each year. So this spring he put pumpkin seeds in our raised planter bed. Only one pumpkin actually looked like it would make it so we clipped the rest off the vine to let it get big. It really took off through the month of September. Everyday he would come home and measure the circumferance with my sewing tape measure. It was amazing to me that the pumpkin would sometimes grow up to 2 inches overnight! It was getting so big and almost turned completely orange when the first freeze hit us Friday night. So this morning as the snow was falling Mike picked the pumpkin. It now resides in the front yard until it is time for Mike to carve one of his extravagant designs. I can't wait to see what it will become. It is about 30° F, Colton is shivering for the photo! Love the winter!

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