Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Husband the Handyman

Several weeks ago we got the bug to finish our downstairs 1/2 bathroom remodel. It is a project we started about 3 months ago. Mike is always so "gung ho" when he starts something. Which makes me love him all the more! He started it at about 7 Pm on a Saturday night.... We had purchased several new vanities (1 for the basement that we are working on, and one for the 1/2 bath next to our laundry)
He began by trying to remove the old ugly oak vanity WITHOUT removing the marble sink top. As you can guess, this turned into one problem after another. After finally removing it and with the sink/counter suspended with a wooden stake I helped him carry the new vanity in. The idea was to "slide" the new one in under the existing sink- without having to undo any plumbing! What a thought-it would've worked. Except for the fact that we did not measure the height of the new vanity!!!!!! It was about 2 inches taller! We were so sure a 30" wide vanity would fit that we didn't think to measure how tall it was. We stood there stupefied for a few minutes. Then Mike went to work dismantling the pluming and ripping the sink/counter away from the wall.(Oh if we had only planned)
Unfortunately, the marble sink was heavy and Mike lifted it by himself. This upset his back. (he had surgery last January to fix a herniated disc) He was laid up for several days and still is not the same. At least the plumbing got reconnected and the new vanity looks great.
So last week we finally finished painting the walls and framing the mirror. It does look good.
Our next project.....will be well planned out, whatever it is!

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