Sunday, October 5, 2008

New website!

For a long time now, Mike and I have been "entrepreneurs". (mostly Mike) We have a Noteholder website where people can get information about the mortgage note industry. In 2006 we did very well with it. However, with todays current economical outlook, these site doesn't perform as it used to. It is more of a "hobby" for Mike.
Several months ago, Mike and I were brainstorming to find some products that would sell on eBay. We purchased large lots of Electronics returns. We quickly were plunged into the world of Auctions, selling, shipping, packaging, and Power Selling! Yes, we made Power sellers after just 3 months! Mike did most of the testing and going through the product. I helped with getting the auctions up and shipping the product.
In the back of our minds however, was a little idea we were toying with.....I can't remember if I suggested it as a joke or what? But Mike started working on our new website, Why? Because we have the cutest little baby girl, Brenna, and we wanted to do something "girly". She is our little Fairy Princess. The site still has some bugs and we will be always adding new stuff. But it is a start. It has not really gone "live" yet as we have not done any marketing. We have some of the product listed on eBay as well under the sellername Mylittefairywings.

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