Sunday, October 5, 2008


Oh how I miss my Haley. She moved out of our house on August 2. At first I was so sad. After taking care of her for 17 years I was a little distraught at just letting her go. But now I think I am OK. She is living with her grandparents on the Vanderwel side. She changed from Lehi High to Pleasant Grove High for her senior year. I thought she was crazy. Yet, As I have seen and talked to her, I now think she is happy. She is on their dance company. As long as she dances I think she will be fine. She is such a good dancer. I have not yet seen her perform. Hopefully soon. She has only visited a couple of times and Brenna has forgotten who she is. Colton misses her too. We need to change that. I have her senior pictures in which she is just beautiful. I guess time will tell......

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