Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Brenna!!! 1 Year Old!

My goodness! Is my little princess already 1? I just can't believe the time has gone by so fast. Can't she stay a baby for a little longer..... Oh how cute she is. She is my dark eyed beauty! She looks like Mike. But where did the brown eyes come from? Mikes are green and mine are blue. I never took genetics so I'm at a loss. She has been such a blessing to our family this past year. Times have been tuff but my "little Brenna" has kept me going! Alway happy. Such a good baby. Never fussy. Loving to learn and explore. I know Heavenly Father sent her to us at this time in our lives for a special purpose. I am so happy to be her mother! She is not yet walking but crawling everywhere. She can say "Hi" and waves when we go "bye bye". Mike thinks she can say Da Da, but she says that all day long for almost everything. She just yells it excitedly when he comes home. So she is half way there with the Dad thing. We planned a birthday celebration with our family, however, now we are sick, so the party is moved to next Saturday. Good thing she has absolutely no clue about anything. Here are some pics of her life the past year and how much she has changed.


Alicia States said...

Julia! It's Alicia States... you're old neighbor! I found your blog through Melinda's, hope you don't mind! You're little Brenna is such a beauty! Congratulations! Our/my blog is
I'll be back. ;)

Julia Wood said...

Great to hear from you! I'll be checking out your blog too.