Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Colors

Today was rainy and cold. We listened to conference and I had no plans whatsoever! Mike made the decision to go for a drive. Even with the downpour as we entered American Fork Canyon the Colors were amazing! I was so glad we went. Another week and we would have missed the leaves all together. Colton decided right away that he had to collect the leaves. We stopped several times and he brought a wet handful of leaves into our new van. Its "OK" I told myself. Mike had to stop every few minutes to take pictures. At first I was annoyed, but after I saw them, I was glad he did. Brenna missed her nap and always has a hard time in the car. She doesn't like to sleep anywhere but her crib. She cried alot until Mike pulled her out and walked around in the rain with her. She loved the rain! Who would of thought?.... After about an hour we headed for home. I found myself wishing we had started earlier and could stay forever. I always love the mountains and each time I return I forget about the stresses of "My Life" and just breath in the beauty. I definitely need to do this more often.

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