Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Its a Sick Day!!!

This is my life. The weather chills and the kids immediately get colds. Colton is famous for getting croup about 4 times each winter. It is horrible. Last year he almost ended up in the hospital. We have taken him to the emergency room over the years. I sure hope he is growing out of it. I fear it is because of his food allergies although there is never proof. We keep him away from peanuts, but who knows if he comes into contact with the oils at school....with friends.... It will always be a mystery.
So this morning at 3:00 AM when the coughing began I thought "Ok, he's home from school. This is more that a sniffle." Of course now that its the afternoon he seems fine. School is out for him so he wants to go play. "No way, Buddy, not today.

Brenna has a runny nose now too. Great. Two miserable kids.

Here are some photo highlights of our day, so far. Just be lucky that I am taking the pictures as I am still in my PJ's too.
So much fun!


Badillo Family said...

Good to see you started a blog! I love your blog! Also love the fairy wings and such! That is a great idea and you are so crafty and creative! What a good way to use your talents. I will pass your website along to my sister who has young girls. She might be interested in them! very cute!

saschub said...

Sick kids and parents... yep I am going through the same. Ellie has a runny nose and is extra fussy and I have a sinus infection. We have gone down to Mom's house to be cuddled and cared for... and to wish Dad a Happy Birtday!